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Making Decisions During Challenging Times

Many of us have difficulty making decisions, even during normal times. But when we are faced with this Covid 19 and the different messages coming from Scientists, doctors, the government and social media, daily decisions become a bit more challenging.

When counseling others, my goal is to help them honor and respect themselves in a way that allows them to hear their inner voice and to follow their deep intuition, so that making decisions can come quickly and with confidence. That journey of hearing our inner voice comes with alone time which includes: meditation, walks in nature, expressing our truths in writing or to trusted individuals. Growing up in a society that structures our responses can inhibit our connection to ourselves. I heard a story about the Dahli Lama and his meeting with a well- known writer. The Dahli Lama’s car pulled up and out bounded the Dahli Lama as he ran towards the writer with such a broad smile and endless joy. His excitement was uncontained and so authentic. Where have we lost that wonderful connection to ourselves?

Fear of criticism and judgement stops our natural loving behaviors. Past traumas paralyze us emotionally. Expectations of what is expected creates and schism between our true selves and the masks we present to the world. Perhaps this time of quarantine can provide us time and access to our truths. If meditation is difficult for you, just sit and listen to your inner voice and make friends with your thoughts and feelings. Find your favorite music and start singing or even dancing so that the connection to your body and voice gets stronger. Speak your truth with kindness to yourself and to others.

As the world is trying to open back up, while the virus continues to spread, you will find the answers for yourself, as to whether to go to the store, to see clients, friends or family, to travel for work or pleasure, even to what food is best for you. That saying “Know Thyself” is of upmost importance today and in the days ahead. When your inner voice becomes the voice of your very best friend, moving ahead each day becomes an easier journey and a more rewarding one, too!

-- Janet Whitney, MA, LMFT

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