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Developing Freedom

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Developing a feeling of freedom to be you!

We did a meditation today about what it might be to feel free and to be able to fly like a bird. If you think about birds, we could learn so much from them. They do not worry about tomorrow’s weather and they do not stress about whether their wings will carry them. They soar up into the sky, sometimes catching a bug along the way for food. They move with air currents and stay present in the moment. They flow with life without judgment of how they look and if their songs are good enough for others. Watching them fly and hearing them sing, resembles the ultimate in freedom to be fully alive.

Let’s translate that to human behavior. The feeling of being able to soar to new heights, while being present with each moment and flowing with life, could be a very fulfilling way to live. Even using our voices to sing like birds do so easily. They are free to sing their truth as we can learn to speak our truths. And the freedom to burst into song when we feel like singing could be a step in opening up our hearts and souls.

It may be time for each of us to start programming our hearts, minds and souls for the dreams and positive ways of thinking and believing that can bring us more joy. In doing so, we leave judgements, negative beliefs, worry, and stress behind us so that we can expand our lives and become the best version of ourselves. If we learn to see ourselves and others in a more positive light, the result will be an increase in creativity and the ability to problem solve. Therefore, more success and happiness can come into our lives.

Each time we hear a bird sing, let’s make note to speak our truth and to sing the songs within our hearts. Each time we see a bird fly, let’s remind ourselves to live a life without self- imposed restrictions. After all, we are all one with all things living and non-living on this planet so let’s start to learn from the other creatures of this planet.

P.S. Check out my new Developing Freedom meditation here.

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