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Grief & Courage

Grief and Courage during COVID

The last several months have brought definite feelings of grief and loss into our lives, along with an opportunity to demonstrate courage in the face of challenges.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, whether it was because of the Virus or other causes. Having recently experienced the loss of a very loved friend to cancer, I have seen such an out pouring of love that the loss of her has created. I can only imagine the same experience is occurring for so many families around the world. My friend demonstrated such courage and unconditional love in her final weeks. Her light will live on as we witnessed her strength and courage. Maybe many of us are experiencing similar situations.

The grief goes beyond death to the losses of freedoms, connections, celebrations, all the way to loss of income or even food, shelter or medical treatment. The underlying sadness or depression caused by the realization that many are suffering in our country and in the world is actually hard to fathom. The heaviness in the air is palatable.

How does Courage come in? It is a common theme in my blogs these days, but it is the courage to know your truth and to speak your truth, even when feeling hesitant. Even though our individual truths may seem different from one another, we can listen to another person when what they are saying comes from their heart. Studies have shown that so much more energy comes from our hearts than from our heads. Imagine a world where that heart energy was used to solve the injustices and disparities of our planet. Love not fear will guide us. Start with loving your feelings and yourselves so that you can really go out there and love others. That energy allows us to hear another person without judgement or criticism.

Put your hand on your heart and try to feel what your heart is saying. Many of us are tired, overwhelmed, sad or frightened. If we can identify the feeling, we can then decide what could help us. I sound like a broken record but please get out in nature, meditate, listen to the people in your life and honor your dreams. Send out love and courage to yourself and anyone in your energetic field. We will get through this! Remember that any chance we experience fear- it is an opportunity to show courage!!

- Janet Whitney, MA. LMFT.

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