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Facing Your Fears During COVID

Facing Your Fears during COVID

I am so excited to announce a new video series based on my book, “Facing Your Fears and Following Your Dreams”- During COVID. In this series, we will be providing step by step assignments to help guide you away from fear towards courage so that your strength and creativity can emerge, in spite of the challenging times.

Let me share that I wrote this book because I needed to help myself and help others figure out why their true personalities and inborn gifts were not being fully expressed in this lifetime. We are only born with 2 fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. The rest are learned. Our job is to unlearn the fears that no longer serve us. It takes practice and direction to accomplish the goal of replacing fear with courage. Now is an opportune time to develop this skill.

When our desire to do or accomplish something becomes greater than our fear of something- guess what- we do it. Sometimes just spending time visualizing our dreams and goals develops the strong desire. We have practiced that technique thousands of times in our lives. Every time we signed up for a course or completed our education, we had to feel the desire to finish that dream. Even tasks as small as a haircut or new clothes, we used visualization to create the necessary steps to complete that goal or desire.

The real problem arises when we know we want a change or something different but we can’t figure out exactly what it is we are wanting. The starting place for that challenge is to first decide how you want to feel. Take an example of feeling stuck, like many people are feeling right now with COVID. The opposite of feeling stuck is feeling excited, passionate, creative and inspired. Practice feeling those positive and motivating emotions and most likely a pathway towards those feeling will come forward for you. Spend time letting your body come alive again with allowing positive emotions arise and direct you.

In the next few weeks, we will be distributing our Facing Your Fears videos to help you uncover your own unique pathway. I am excited and passionate about this journey and I hope you will join us!

- Janet Whitney, MA. LMFT.

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