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Updated: Mar 31, 2022

When we think of the word abundance, we may think immediately about money- which is definitely a physical sign of monetary wealth. We can also strive for an abundance of freedom, of love, of peace, of joy, of a connection to nature, also a connection to ourselves, to God or the Universe and to others.

Often I find that people who do not have monetary abundance instead have a generous nature of giving without being able to receive comfortably. The cycle of life asks us to be able to give and receive. I want to teach you how easy it is to receive. Walk out into the sun on a cool or cold day and receive the warmth of that beautiful sun. That is how easy it actually is to receive. Practice this as often as possible. People often tell me they are uncomfortable receiving because they feel obligated or indebted to someone. Nature gives so much constantly, with the sun, the rain, the trees and thus oxygen, the stars, the moon, the oceans, the mountains and all of the creatures of the world. If we can accept those gifts, let us start working on receiving in other ways.

Think of how sad you would feel if the people you love would not accept love, gifts, compliments from you. It is painful not to be able to give freely to others. If you truly want abundance in any or all areas of your life, I am asking you to receive with grace in a state of gratitude. Start believing that you are a gift to the world and it would make sense that the world wants to give gifts to you. Also start asking for what you want. This is a great step towards creating the feeling of abundance.

Imagine you are able to receive wealth and opportunities. What would you do to help those you love and to help the world? If you can start visualizing what you would do to help our world, God and the Universe will pick up that creative energy and manifesting your dreams will follow.

Let’s start today!

P.S. Feel free to listen to my Abundance Meditation here.

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