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Arrogance vs Ignorance

Arrogance verses Ignorance- Actually Unawareness!

In this time of Uncertainty- we are seeing so many fears, judgements and sadness arising. One of the biggest culprits to this state of unhappiness is what we are saying in our minds. Judging anyone right now has a huge detrimental effect on the recovery of our planet and the recovery of the human, animal and plant life here on earth.

Please take a moment to reflect on your own personal journey. Are there times, experiences, words that you have said or things you have done that cause you embarrassment or shame? Most likely all of us can answer "yes" to that question. If we are kind to ourselves, can we see that the mistakes we have made were made out of a kind of ignorance or unawareness? I truly believe if we know better at a deep level, we will do better. So if we are aware of our own ability to make mistakes and misjudgments, can we then be better at accepting the mistakes or misjudgments of others? That is our great challenge at this time in history.

Problem solving without blame, hatred, or fear allows us to conquer the issues at hand. Blame has been a large part of our culture for centuries. Why else would we have the most number of people in jail and the largest number of attorneys per capita, by far, than any other country on the planet? There are actually cultures that do not have a word for blame and when interviewed they ask" Does the bird blame the sky for rain or cold?" Things go wrong, we make mistakes and misunderstanding occur. This is just a part of life on Earth.

Where does arrogance come in? Arrogance is just an exaggerated form of ignorance and it's message is to say" I am right and you are wrong and I am superior because I am right" There is such foolishness in this stance. We cannot judge another until we walk in their shoes. We can decide not to be around someone who makes us feel uncomfortable or we can learn form that person and grow as a human being. There really is no" them or us" We need to survive as a whole species and a more comprehensive understanding of each other is what is needed now. With that understanding, love and acceptance the need to judge ourselves or others, could easily disappear.

If you would like to explore and heal some of your judgements or unawareness( Ignorance- arrogance) please feel free to contact me. We are all in this together and hopefully COVID is helping us to realize this aspect of existence.

With appreciation, Janet Whitney, MA. LMFT.

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