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A Time of Transformation

What if this time of COVID and division within our nation and climate issues in the world, is just a reflection of a planetary transformation? This current time of existence may be Just like the caterpillar that spins the cocoon and turns to a painful conglomeration of mush and emerges days later as a beautiful butterfly. Does this sound possible looking at your own individuals lives as we also experience the events around the world?

If this is the case, our jobs are to discover what our own personal transformation can lead us to making this a better place for future generations. Our role models taught us many of our beliefs and behaviors, just like our kids are learning their beliefs and behaviors from us. Looking within, are there aspects within each of us that could use some more discipline, some more compassion and/or a greater level of understanding? This ability to look within ourselves to make improvements is a unique quality to human beings. It may be necessary because our lifestyles have led us away from our natural instincts towards health and cooperation.

It is interesting to witness the cooperation that exists in nature. If one tree needs water or nutrients, a tree next to it will share what is needed by their connecting or close proximity root system. And trees and plants provide us with oxygen while we provide them with carbon dioxide. It is a marvelous system of taking care of one another.

With some of our normal routines being disrupted during this COVID time, we can explore what it is that we can improve upon to build a deeper cooperation within our relationships and with the treatment we give ourselves. Little changes such as better eating habits, more water, more exercise, expanding our brains with learning a new language or a new musical instrument, new artistic or creative endeavors- all of these can create an atmosphere of positive transformation. Even being less critical of our selves or others, could improve our lives. Acceptance that each of us, no matter of our race, our religion, or our beliefs, are all doing the best we can with what we have been dealt. The truth is, we are all here to love and be loved, although this looks different from person to person, just like each snowflake is different from one another.

Each snowflake is still snow, just as each of us on the planet is part of the human race. If we can be kind and accepting to ourselves and kind and accepting of one another this transformation can result is a beautiful existence as we emerge as butterflies or beautiful aspects of nature. Let’s start by looking within and by improving how we treat ourselves and others.

- Janet Whitney, MA. LMFT.

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