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    Facing your Fears

    Following Your Dreams and Finding Success

    This is a “How To” guide to releasing any blockage that holds you back from achieving your dreams, desires, and all the abundance the Universe has to offer. For almost 40 years, Janet Whitney has taught, counseled, and coached clients to move toward their dreams and goals.


    One of the most common experiences is “hitting a wall” in moving toward personal success. When this occurs, people can negate any opportunity to move toward a goal. They can talk themselves out of believing in it and refuse to take any action toward their dreams. The Facing Your Fears workbook and exercises help to uncover your obstacles to success.


    There is no ceiling or limit to what each of you can strive for and become! This is a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Each person’s pathway and journey is unique and wonderful. You will uncover the vastness of your life and where you want to go in this lifetime by completing this workbook to the best of your ability. Finding a support group to complete the assignments together strengthens the commitment and the intensity of personal growth.


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    Anxiety, stress, depression, uncertainty, relationships, and feelings of being lost are the most common reasons individuals seek counseling. Creating a safe, understanding, and supportive atmosphere helps each person uncover a personal block to success. With therapy, an individual can establish new coping mechanisms and more positive behaviors and beliefs that lead toward greater fulfillment and happiness.


    Old stories from the past no longer inhibit the future. Clients report feeling lighter, more hopeful, a better sense of their goals and strengths, along with erasing negative thoughts and beliefs.


    We all have a certain pathway and purpose for our lives. Sometimes we lose our way and need some help in getting back on course.

    We know when something is not working in our lives but it is often difficult to figure out how to change things. It may be a relationship, a career, a mind-set or a behavioral pattern. Let the personal coaching program get your life back on track


    Our culture is a pressured society. With the pressures and stresses of life, there can be a need for emotional healing and/or the learning of new behaviors so that stress can be reduced. Old patterns or our childhood experiences may be stopping us from living a life we love. It is important to identify our personal obstacles to success and find more effective solutions to live the life we desire. There are lasting solutions.


    What is holding you back?


    Relationships can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Often misunderstandings and resentments build up to a point where communication and intimacy are affected. Janet draws on her work with couples since 1982 in a way that helps each partner feel heard and respected. Coaching both partners in effective and non-threatening communication can help many couples return to a deep and meaningful connection. Issues with sex, trust, understanding, and differences can be resolved in a peaceful and kind atmosphere.


    Having trained with John Gray and having led his relationship seminars for over 10 years, Janet's knowledge and awareness of couple issues is extensive and changes can be felt quickly.


    Created from almost 40 years of experience as a Marriage Family Therapist, Facing Your Fears is a comprehensive, hands-on group-counseling program that produces dramatic life changes. By forming intimate groups of like-minded people, guided by a select team of group leaders, Facing Your Fears provides a powerful support environment for you to overcome challenges and create the vibrant, full life you envision.

    This experiential training will provide you with:

    • Move beyond limitations in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere
    • Find ways to conquer your own fears so that you can have the success you desire
    • Learn how to set your top priorities so that your time is spent to your best advantage
    • Discover your own Personal Obstacles and Limiting Beliefs
    • Set goals in all areas of your life including but not limited to career, education, relationships, finances, family, spiritual, social, retirement, adventure and fun
    • Uncover your real dreams and true desires for your life

    The tools and techniques taught in the Facing Your Fears Program are successful for small and large companies. Employers are bringing in trained Facing Your Fears facilitators to help their staff gain more confidence and increase their work effectiveness. Reducing fear and worry allows staff to expand and create their skills and enthusiasm for their work. Also, Facing your Fears training for employees can be tailored to meet the needs of the employer.


    Contribute to your employees, yourself and the company and watch the impossible come into fruition.

    To find out more and to speak to a facilitator, please tell us a little bit about your company so we can help and a facilitator will contact you shortly.


    “During the process, each person discovers their personal obstacles and negative ways of thinking that can be replaced with positive beliefs and behaviors. The journey is life-changing!” Janet Whitney – Founder of the Facing Your Fears program.


    Group/Family Counseling

    Group counseling has long been an effective means to help individuals. Under the skilled direction of the Group Leader, the group will offer support, alternatives and provide helpful feedback to each other. The benefits of this group format are:

    • Really understanding yourself and how you are presenting to the world
    • Discovering all the potential that lies within you and how you want to make your dreams come to fruition
    • Experience a sense of belonging and acceptance
    • Hear ideas from others that enhance your ability to make decisions and solve problems
    • Learn to constructively express your feelings and ideas to others
    • Gain encouragement by witnessing the successes of others


    Facing Your Fears for Companies and Employers – The tools and techniques taught in the Facing Your Fears Program is successful for small and large companies. Employers are bringing in trained Facing Your Fears facilitators to help their staff gain more confidence and increase their work effectiveness. Reducing fear and worry allows staff to expand and create their skills and enthusiasm for their work. Facing your Fears training for employees can be tailor-made to the needs of the employer. Program s range from a 2-hour seminar to 40 hours of intensive work to meet the needs of the employees and the company.


    For Families - Often a child or teen is suffering from symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression. Divorce, illness, a learned or biological tendency towards worry or anxiety can create distress in the family. With better understanding and improved communication, family issues can be resolved and each family member feels supported to be the best version of themselves.


    Family therapy is a dynamic and powerful tool to help heal each family member to feel motivated to be successful in life.


    Sexual Addiction


    For Addicts and Partners

    Are you in jeopardy of losing your marriage, your home, your reputation? Are you ridden with guilt about your behaviors? Are you often ashamed and feeling out of control about your behaviors, thinking, and actions?

    The growth of the population facing addiction or compulsive sexual behaviors is multiplying faster then even professionals predicted. Affairs, pornography, strip clubs, and dating sights to find “hook-ups” are destroying relationships with the guilt and mistrust these behaviors create. The families also face the financial burden of the addiction and/or the possibility of divorce.


    Steps to consider:

    1. Understand the dynamics of compulsive sexual behaviors such as how they develop and why they are so addictive
    2. Learn about the addictive cycle and how to begin breaking those patterns
    3. The role guilt plays for both the addict and his partner
    4. Define and understand codependency and how that interferes with recovery and individuation of each partner
    5. The importance of setting goals to replace the negative behaviors
    6. Support of peers that find themselves in similar situations- believe me, you are not alone
    7. Reestablishing trust and belief in oneself and your partner

    Meditations, Lectures, & Interviews

    Creating Balance Mediation: Janet Lee Whitney, LMFT

    Body Meditation: Janet Lee Whitney, LMFT

    MEDITATION: Shadow

    MEDITATION: Our Shadow Side

    MEDITATION: Animal Spirit Guide

    Eating Disorder Webinar - Janet Whitney, MFT

    Overcoming Stress & Anxiety with Janey Whitney, MFT

    Testimonial: Beth on Janet Whitney, MFT

    Desert Living: Interview 1 with Janet Whitney, MA. MFT.

    Desert Living: Interview 2 with Janet Whitney, MA. MFT.

  • What Others Say

    - Rosemary KaneLMFTLaguna Hills, CA

    "I completed the Facing Your Fears facilitator training one year ago. The investment I made in time and money has come back to me many times over in return. I am so happy and impressed with the Facing Your Fears groups I am running and the changes that have occurred within and around me, after spending that time with Janet and the Facing Your Fears program. The groups have helped my clients make giant leaps forward on their pathways in life and instead of seeing life as challenging; they see life as an adventure. I highly recommend becoming a Facing Your Fears facilitator and taking the training offered by Janet. If you can participate in a Facing Your Fears group, I think you will find amazing changes happening in your life."

    - College Professor

    "I highly recommend the FYF group to anyone going through a difficult time, anyone who’s “stuck” in a pattern they want to change, and anyone who just wants to better themselves in a proactive way. I think I would still be stuck… without the support of this group."


    - Linda NewellSenatorColorado

    "No matter your gender, age or profession, you can benefit greatly from this personal growth program! It’s a step-by-step process to living a more courageous, authentic and joyful life. I’m referring this program to everyone I know. Why live another year in doubt, fear or boredom."


    - Musician, Mother, Business Woman

    "… I blossomed into the ‘real’ me. I finally had the support I needed to pursue what had seemed like an impossibility. Now, two years later.. I feel like I am really making a difference in the world."


    - Corporate Marketing Director

    "Not only did I discover my ‘soul mate’ while working through the weekly exercises and goals, I let go of hurts and feelings from the past and now feel truly happy and excited about my life."


    - Alison Brown, Yoga Teacher

    "Janet’s groups are transformational. Whether it’s Facing Your Fears or Law of Attraction, Janet has a gift for listening deeply and compassionately and when warranted, offering an alternate, positive perspective for consideration. Her fabulous guided meditations, call forth each individual’s unique deeper wisdom. I have enjoyed many of Janet’s groups over the years. I keep coming back because invariably, I walk out of her door lighter of heart, with more enthusiasm to take on my world. If you have a chance to work with Janet, do! You’ll be glad you did."






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