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Individual Counseling


Service Description

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY Anxiety, stress, depression, uncertainty, relationships, and feelings of being lost are the most common reasons individuals seek counseling. Creating a safe, understanding, and supportive atmosphere helps each person uncover a personal block to success. With therapy, an individual can establish new coping mechanisms and more positive behaviors and beliefs that lead toward greater fulfillment and happiness. Old stories from the past no longer inhibit the future. Clients report feeling lighter, more hopeful, a better sense of their goals and strengths, along with erasing negative thoughts and beliefs. PERSONAL COACHING We all have a certain pathway and purpose for our lives. Sometimes we lose our way and need some help in getting back on course. We know when something is not working in our lives but it is often difficult to figure out how to change things. It may be a relationship, a career, a mind-set or a behavioral pattern. Let the personal coaching program get your life back on track Our culture is a pressured society. With the pressures and stresses of life, there can be a need for emotional healing and/or the learning of new behaviors so that stress can be reduced. Old patterns or our childhood experiences may be stopping us from living a life we love. It is important to identify our personal obstacles to success and find more effective solutions to live the life we desire. There are lasting solutions. What is holding you back?

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1151 Dove St, Suite 225, Newport Beach, CA, USA

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