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Group Counseling


Service Description

GROUP/FAMILY COUNSELING Group/Family Counseling: Group counseling has long been an effective means to help individuals. Under the skilled direction of the Group Leader, the group will offer support, alternatives and provide helpful feedback to each other. The benefits of this group format are: - Really understanding yourself and how you are presenting to the world - Discovering all the potential that lies within you and how you want to make your dreams come to fruition - Experience a sense of belonging and acceptance - Hear ideas from others that enhance your ability to make decisions and solve problems - Learn to constructively express your feelings and ideas to others - Gain encouragement by witnessing the successes of others Facing Your Fears for Companies and Employers – The tools and techniques taught in the Facing Your Fears Program is successful for small and large companies. Employers are bringing in trained Facing Your Fears facilitators to help their staff gain more confidence and increase their work effectiveness. Reducing fear and worry allows staff to expand and create their skills and enthusiasm for their work. Facing your Fears training for employees can be tailor-made to the needs of the employer. Program s range from a 2-hour seminar to 40 hours of intensive work to meet the needs of the employees and the company. For Families - Often a child or teen is suffering from symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression. Divorce, illness, a learned or biological tendency towards worry or anxiety can create distress in the family. With better understanding and improved communication, family issues can be resolved and each family member feels supported to be the best version of themselves. Family therapy is a dynamic and powerful tool to help heal each family member to feel motivated to be successful in life.

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1151 Dove St, Suite 225, Newport Beach, CA, USA

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