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"I completed the Facing Your Fears facilitator training one year ago. The investment I made in time and money has come back to me many times over in return. I am so happy and impressed with the Facing Your Fears groups I am running and the changes that have occurred within and around me, after spending that time with Janet and the Facing Your Fears program. The groups have helped my clients make giant leaps forward on their pathways in life and instead of seeing life as challenging; they see life as an adventure. I highly recommend becoming a Facing Your Fears facilitator and taking the training offered by Janet. If you can participate in a Facing Your Fears group, I think you will find amazing changes happening in your life."

Rosemary Kane LMFT Laguna Hills, CA

"I highly recommend the FYF group to anyone going through a difficult time, anyone who’s “stuck” in a pattern they want to change, and anyone who just wants to better themselves in a proactive way. I think I would still be stuck… without the support of this group."

College Professor

"No matter your gender, age or profession, you can benefit greatly from this personal growth program! It’s a step-by-step process to living a more courageous, authentic and joyful life. I’m referring this program to everyone I know. Why live another year in doubt, fear or boredom”

Linda Newell Senator Colorado

"… I blossomed into the ‘real’ me. I finally had the support I needed to pursue what had seemed like an impossibility. Now, two years later.. I feel like I am really making a difference in the world."

Musician, Mother, Business Woman

"Not only did I discover my ‘soul mate’ while working through the weekly exercises and goals, I let go of hurts and feelings from the past and now feel truly happy and excited about my life."

Corporate Marketing Director

"Janet’s groups are transformational. Whether it’s Facing Your Fears or Law of Attraction, Janet has a gift for listening deeply and compassionately and when warranted, offering an alternate, positive perspective for consideration. Her fabulous guided meditations, call forth each individual’s unique deeper wisdom. I have enjoyed many of Janet’s groups over the years. I keep coming back because invariably, I walk out of her door lighter of heart, with more enthusiasm to take on my world. If you have a chance to work with Janet, do! You’ll be glad you did."

Alison Brown Yoga Teacher





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