Facing Your Fears Program

Climbing up a Mountain

Created from 30 years experience as a Marriage Family Therapist, Facing Your Fears is a comprehensive, hands-on group-counseling program that produces dramatic life changes. By forming intimate groups of like-minded people, guided by a select team of group leaders, Facing Your Fears provides a powerful support environment for you to overcome challenges and create the vibrant, full life you envision.

This experiential training will provide you with:

  • Move beyond limitations in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere
  • Find ways to conquer your own fears so that you can have the success you desire
  • Learn how to set your top priorities so that your time is spent to your best advantage
  • Discover your own Personal Obstacles and Limiting Beliefs
  • Set goals in all areas of your life including but not limited to career, education, relationships, finances, family, spiritual, social, retirement, adventure and fun
  • Uncover your real dreams and true desires for your life

Discover a new you by joining us at our next event.  If interested in finding out when the next Facing your Fears workshop contact Janet Whitney.

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“During the process each person discovers their personal obstacles and negative ways of thinking that can be replaced with positive beliefs and behaviors. The journey is life changing!” Janet Whitney – Founder of the Facing Your Fears program.

The tools and techniques taught in the Facing Your Fears Program are successful for small and large companies. Employers are bringing in trained Facing Your Fears facilitators to help their staff gain more confidence and increase their work effectiveness. Reducing fear and worry allows staff to expand and create their skills and enthusiasm for their work. The Facing your Fears training for employees can be tailored to meet the needs of the employer.

Contribute to your employees, yourself and the company and watch the impossible come into fruition.

To find out more and to speak to a facilitator, please tell us a little bit about your company so we can help and a facilitator will contact you shortly.

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What others are saying about this program 

Senator Linda Newell of Colorado “No matter your gender, age or profession you can benefit greatly from this personal growth program! Janet has brought it all together to create a walk-through, step-by-step process to living a more courageous, authentic and joyful life. I’m referring this program to everyone I know. Why live another year in doubt, fear or boredom?”





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