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The 3 Ingredients to Self-Care

Anyone who is a giving person naturally or who works in helping professions are very susceptible to stress and burnout.

Stress is caused by inner and outside situations that take up energy that creates a response both physically and psychologically. Stress influences how people feel and behave.

Burnout is a result of trying to change ourselves to adapt to life or situations that leave us drained. It gives the feeling that there is nothing left inside and nothing left to give. Thus self-care is the antidote.

Many professionals and caregivers are stumped when trying to figure out self-care. The helping professions and the rescuers of our planet can become addicted to the feeling of giving to others. A feeling of importance and of feeling of being irreplaceable to those we are giving to. This can be a compulsive and repetitive trap by promoting this behavior to a level that becomes unhealthy.

People in the helping professions and others can become workaholics since the rewards of giving to others can be so satisfying and fulfilling. The result is a feeling that life is out of balance. There are ways to recreate balance and to be able to even provide more to others while taking exceptional care of yourself financially, physically and psychologically.

Three ingredients of Self Care-

  • Balance between work and family/ personal life
  • A support network of friends and co-workers
  • A relaxed and positive attitude

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