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Become your Own Cheerleader

As a society and in history, criticism and judgment has become a way of life for many of us. Parents, siblings, spouses, bosses, teachers and people in authority may have made an impression on us in the past by criticizing or judging harshly some behaviors or attitudes.

For centuries, people believed this kind of negative feedback helped individuals to grow and change. Now we are discovering the true power in recognizing and focusing on the things that people, including ourselves, do right. Think of the energy that goes into a mistake a child or partner makes and think do a typical reaction. There is usually an intense reaction to something that goes wrong. Let’s change that around to magnifying all of the wonderful behaviors of the people we love and care about and give the positive experiences in our lives the same intensity. Can you see how much better we all would do with praise from deep in the heart instead of criticism? This also works when we are thinking about ourselves.

Focus everyday on what you have done right and what you have done well. Give yourself intense positive recognition that you are doing and being the best you can be each day. Catch yourself when you have treated yourself and others with kindness and caring and pat yourself on the back. Lightness and joy start to fill your being when the critical parent inside of you gets quiet and goes away and is replaced by a cheerleader exalting the incredible person you are and all that you add to your life and the lives of others.

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