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Writing to Your Old Soul for Answers

One way to find solutions to your present life challenges or to get answers to questions you have about your life is to write to your Old Soul. The old soul is the wise and spiritual aware energy that is available to you if you just reach out to contact that aspect of your being.

In the Facing Your fears program we use the method of writing to your old soul. It is hard to lie or fool yourself with writing a response to a question or concern you may have. It is often recommended that you write your response with your non-dominant hand, which can be a challenge to read for some of us.

Recently. I began to notice some behaviors in myself that appeared uncharacteristic of me. I wrote to my old soul and asked “ What is going on with me lately?” By answering that question with the wise and spiritual old soul part of me I was able to realize that I had let my life get out of balance. I love my work, my kids, my family, my work colleagues, my friends, my daily workout and long runs. I also thrive on adventure, traveling, laughing and being close to others. This last section has been falling to the wayside as I find myself being ultra responsible and serious instead of laughing and dancing through the challenges of life. That afternoon I made a commitment to myself to allow more joy and love into my life. I made a list of everything I enjoy doing. I also made a list of all of my concerns and worries. The list of my favorite past times is posted inside my planner. The other list I burned as a ritual act to release into the Universe for my faith to grow that all will be right and good. – In all areas of my life.

Write to your old soul to get answers from within or attend our next Facing Your Fears Seminar on Sat. April 26th from 10-1 PM at my office in Newport Beach. Turn worries into desires and develop motivation to create the dreams of your life.


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