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April 2014 Newsletter

The good news is that we have always existed in a world full of Uncertainty so it is not a new phenomenon. The difficult news is that we have added great fear to the realm of living with Uncertainty. This fear is being promoted in newspapers, on the news; by what we focus our energy upon and what we talk about to one another.

Uncertainty adds possibilities and character to a life that is lived in a state of not knowing exactly what the future holds for each of us. If we knew everything that was going to happen, the excitement of life would instantly disappear. Think about your dreams and goals and desires. The great part of these dreams is that we need to do the work to make them a reality. It is up to us to create what we want in our lives. This is powerful. Some people think that having control of others is powerful but that is an illusion. Power over others, or over nature or over animals is temporary. The power to over come life’s challenges and to thrive in this lifetime is a life force that is only destroyed by death. That is powerful!

In my Facing Your Fears groups, many of the participants are working on the Exercise called Uncertainty. In the exercise, each person focuses on the 5 areas of his or her life that feels Uncertain. With the use of drawings and creativity the participant is able to take those 5 areas of Uncertainty and visualize their ability to recreate a more positive and stronger out come to these areas. Using this creative part of the mind gives a person access to a different form of problem solving and creates a pathway towards success. Fear is eliminated and motivation comes forth.

Animals in nature do not resent the rain or the changes that life brings. They do not try to control the future. They adjust and move forward with an energy belonging to creation. Let us ignore the teachings of fear that are being bombarded towards our minds and continue to learn and grow and dream so that our lives and the lives of future generations can find happiness with the constancy of change and challenges of life. That is the power behind enjoying the gift of Uncertainty.

In conclusion: Our task with dealing with Uncertainty is to first accept that we live in a state of Uncertainty, which requires adaptability and flexibility. Realizing and working within this parameter we want to focus our energy on moving towards the goals that we set for ourselves with faith and belief in the best possible outcome. Our thoughts are energy and we are energy and what we project is what is attracted into our lives. Let’s use this Law of Attraction in the best interest of ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

Join us for the next Facing your Fears Seminar or join one of our ongoing groups to experience this exercise along with the 51 other exercises in the Facing Your Fears Program. The program will change your life. When I make my drawings, my life begins to shift immediately. The feelings of being stuck change to feelings of movement and fulfillment.


Our next Facing Your Fears 3- hour seminar will be presented on Saturday April 26th from 10-1 PM in my office in Newport Beach. Early Bird registration until April 20th is $89 and $99 at the door. Master card and Visa or checks are accepted.

Come join us to begin transforming fear into motivation!! 





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